Let’s start with the popular “loudmouth” shorts…above, this customer chose a super-charged multi-polka dot pattern from Joanne’s Fabrics. We sent it to our manufacturer, and designed a very cool pair of “loudmouth” shorts…that I dare say are unique!

shorts linen with cargo pockets

Another very popular golf short is the “cargo” pant…but most cargo pants look too sloppy! Here we took a 100% tan linen, and styled this short a little longer to accommodate the lower cargo pockets, added nickel buttons for a change, and eliminated the belt loops, opting instead for adjustable nickel buckles at the waist.

shorts linen with waist tabs

For a little more traditional look, how about a pair of dark navy striped linen shorts with white mother-of-pearl buttons and no belt loops?

shorts regular seersucker

For the most traditional short, this customer chose one of our terrific Barberis cotton/lycra seersucker fabrics. Simple, trim leg, slightly shorter inseam, with traditional belt loops. Sometimes simple IS better!


Looking for a very cool pair of golf pants?

How about our “Killer Golf Pants” with the tour V notch?

killer golf pants

Style your “Killer Golf Pants” with a western or five-pocket jean style front, or a traditional side pocket. Jazz it up a little with a flap pocket on the side you don’t regularly stuff your glove…and pic the side stitching in a contrasting color! Ask your tailor about a cotton/linen Barberis lightweight fabric for the most comfortable golf pant you’ve ever worn!

The beauty of these shorts and pants, aside from the unlimited design possibilities, is that you will get the fit you want. Simply bring your favorite shorts or pants to your custom tailor and tell them you want a fit like “this”!…and you’ll have a pant or shorts you will wear over…and over…and over…

Have a great summer and enjoy your golf in your custom shorts…or Killer Golf Pants!



Keith Warshawsky- Premier Clothiers